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Patrick P. Long

As a child, Patrick P. Long developed an extraordinary passion for writing. Honing his penning skills, Long received an award for his poetic work in middle school and proceeded to produce two fiction novels as a young adult generating praise from readers. Continuing to pursue his love of writing, Long authored “Ordinarily Extraordinary,” a nonfiction publication detailing his wife’s battle with breast cancer and its effects on him, their children and marriage. A raw, revealing and intense real-life tale, “Ordinarily Extraordinary” became an international best-seller within the first few months of publication and continues to receive global five-star reviews and endorsements. Long was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri where he is raising his four children and continues to support the American Cancer Society and Camp Kesem, St. Louis University Chapter. Recently, Long was appointed to the Rock Hill Public Library Board of Trustees.


Patrick P. Long is Available for Speaking Engagements, Workshops, Media Interviews and More. 


Perseverance, Positivity, Following Your Dream, Parenting, Single Father, Overcoming Adversity, Grief, Loss, Finding Your Purpose, Men Have Feelings Too, Inside the Mind of a Man, Open and Honest Conversation, Vulnerability, Perspective


Being Positive Isn’t About Being Positive

No One Completes You / No Such Thing as a Soulmate (That’s OK)

There’s Nothing Lucky About Luck

You Have No Choice but to Choose

Overcoming Grief and Loss

Mr. Mom: Single Dad Syndrome

The Extraordinary Aftermath of an Ordinary Life

Turning Tragedy into Triumph

The Most Successful Thing You Can Do Is Fail

The Worst Thing About Cancer Isn’t Cancer
What I Learned from Self-Publishing

The Art of Story Telling

And More

Patrick spoke about his journey of writing and publishing his book at our SLPA meeting. Not only was his story heartwarming and inspirational, he delivered it in a way that brought me and the rest of the audience on the journey with him. Patrick was informative and motivating! 
- Kevin Desrosiers, Board Member, St. Louis Publishers Association

Patrick spoke at our annual fundraiser and captivated the audience. He is a dynamic speaker and engaged the audience. I recommend him for any speaking opportunities where you want to motivate and inspire the audience.
- Shane Smith, Senior Regional Program Director, Kesem National

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