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By Patrick P. Long

When Patrick P. Long’s wife, Melanie, suffers a terrifying stroke at the age of 45, a medical battle ensues that threatens to devastate their already cancer-altered lives. Throughout weeks of distressing setbacks, the father of four, reflects on their lives, candidly revealing marital clashes, deep secrets, personal trauma, failures, and regrets – along with the recognition of Melanie’s indomitable spirit that bolsters him even when cancer’s worst consequence takes the fight from them.


Interspersed with backstories to enable the reader to see the events through his eyes, the book weaves together layers of life experiences that readers relate to and appreciate on unexpected levels, including humor. While an emotionally raw and tragic story of illness, love and loss, readers find it surprisingly uplifting and a realistic admission of the complexities of marriage, relationships, and overcoming personal turmoil. The book is a unique and rare look into the life, thoughts, and feelings of a husband and father coping with tragedy seeking a new normal for his family while rejecting pity.


Quickly reaching #1 International Best-Seller status on Amazon, readers’ reviews confirm they could not put the book down. This page-turner is also described as a helpful resource for people dealing with relationship issues, struggles in life, and loss. This book empowers all to live in a positive way, no matter what, and helps reveal the extraordinary in the ordinary of every day life.


I love this book! I'm a fan of this book! It's so powerfully moving and so well written. You can't leaf through this book. I just kept turning page after page. You’re in the room with Patrick when things are happening. You’re in his brain. You’re in his heart. If I were at a seminar, I would say I don’t want anyone to leave this room without this book. This book is really worth reading. You’re gonna love it, and it will impact you in a beautiful way. Ordinarily Extraordinary is a book I think should be on everyone's required reading list. Make sure you get this book!

 - Jack Canfield, Author, Chicken Soup for the Soul

(Watch Jack's Video with Patrick Below)

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